water soluble packaging film

water soluble pesticides packaging film is based on polymers that quickly dissolve into water, it is colorless, transparent film

water soluble packaging film
Place of Origin Hunan, China

Detailed Product Description

quick water-soluble pesticides used in packaging film is rapidly dissolving water soluble polymer film substrate materials, echoing plasticizers, softening agents, surfactants and dispersing agents supporting materials and through specific coating technique produced.
First, the rapid physical and chemical properties of water-soluble pesticides packaging film indicators :
1, the soft appearance : colorless, transparent film;
2, the tensile strength of its strength and toughness : 100-300 kg / sq cm. 10-600% elongation rate, hardness Shore hardness of less than 10;
3 : The patch can quickly dissolved dissolved in water solubility of water quality : Quality = 1 1 film
4, dissolved Time : 4 cen deg-25 cen deg , conditions, the time of dissolution started one seconds dissolved completely dissolved within one minute; At 35 cen deg above conditions, dissolved within 30 seconds;
5, the aqueous solution pH membrane PH=6-7; :
6, the patch will not be absorbed into the human body through metabolism can be excreted, is non-toxic to skin stimulation products;
7, 0.03-0.05mm; thickness :
Standard specifications : ≥ 450 meters long, wide =0.36 meters;
8, biodegradable material for the film : biodegradable materials; After the final product was soluble in water and carbon dioxide and water degradation;
9, hermetic type : 25 ° C, can completely isolated from the various gases, ammonia and water vapor for exceptions;
: Dry air oxidation resistance can be maintained for three years or more, the basic nature of the same film;
10, hygroscopicity is certain : hygroscopicity, when the relative humidity is higher than 90% and stored in a long time, the patch will be re-dry state without mutual adhesion is therefore recommended that the air humidity less than 60% (relative humidity) conditions preserved;
11, solvent resistance : Bunengrongxie most organic solvents, all animal fats, vegetable oil and petroleum hydrocarbons which are not biodegradable, dissolved in glycerine, ethylene glycol, amides, diethanolamine and triethanolamine salts and DMSO.
12, optical properties, electrical properties and thermal stability of light
Through various visible to the UV transmittance of the bismuth between infrared light through almost; Patch dielectric constant higher than that of the insulating material, reference value (relative humidity 50%,60Hz) 5-10; patch maximum temperature of 140 ° C heat.
Over the nature and the needs of customers in certain parameters can be adjusted within the scope.
Second, rapid characteristics of water-soluble pesticides packaging film
1, since the film has good flexibility, size can be made of various packaging, bagging easy, simple process;
2, as this film has a good water solubility, can be maintained in a temperature range of solubility, it can be rapidly released from membrane contents are packaged so that rapid and effective ingredients play a role;
3, the film also has a good neutral pH biodegradable, dissolved in the membrane composition of environmental pollution, is an environment-friendly products;
4, the air and oxidation can be effectively isolated from the material, can protect the contents of the activity and the effective use of pesticides; Meanwhile, users can also prevent pesticide poisoning by pesticides;
5, and apply to all powder, tablet, granular pesticides and oil colloid composition of packaging.
Third, use
According to the quantity demanded content packaging, made the appropriate size of the package, the contents packed, sealed bags; Used to package and the contents directly in the water, and the package of films as quickly dissolved in the water, release contents.

Company Name: Changsha May Chemis Chemical Co., Ltd.  Authenticated and Verified
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Products/Services We Offer: Manganese sulphate, zinc sulphate, magnesium sulphate, ferrous sulphate  
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Year Established: 2006-10-26   Authenticated and Verified
Legal Representative/CEO: Mr. Gao Cheng   Authenticated and Verified

Contact Information

Company Name: Changsha May Chemis Chemical Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Danis Zhang
Address: 11th Fl., Mingfu Building, Wanjiali Zhong Road,Changsha City, Hunan Province,China
Zip: 410000
Telephone: 86-731-2925997
Fax: 86-731-2925991

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