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Irradia AB (Mar.27, 2003)
Irradia devolops, manufacturs and market medical and surgical lasers since 1983. Irradia is the only swedish company which manufactur both medical and surgical lasers.

Fertin Pharma A/S (Feb.11, 2003)
Fertin Pharma, founded in the 1960s, is one of the leading companies specialized in the development and manufacture of chewing gum as a drug delivery system.

Novo Nordisk Engineering (Jan.13, 2003)
NNE is one of the worlds largest full service engineering and consultancy groups within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.

Daesung Corporation Ltd. (Dec.17, 2002)
Daesung Corporation is one of Korea's leading exporters of gelatin equipment and gelatin.

PolyPeptide Laboratories A/S (Nov.19, 2002)
The PolyPeptide Laboratories Group is one of the world's leading groups specializing in industrial scale manufacture of custom and generic peptides for therapeutic applications.

Chemaxon Ltd. (Oct.22, 2002)
ChemAxon is a company specialized in the development of chemical software solutions for the biotechnology- and pharmaceutical industries.

Paro AG (Oct.8, 2002)
This Swiss company, specialized in the construction of special purpose machines, offers custom-made linear transfer systems as well as partially or fully automatic assembly and test systems.

Scholly Fiberoptic GmbH (Sep.18, 2002)
From the very beginning the main focus was an endoscpoy, fiberoptics and opto-electronics in order to achieve perfection and quality in function, design and craftmanship.

Alsigns Self-Luminous Limited (Sep.02, 2002)

Interfacial Dynamics Corporation (Aug.29, 2002)
SurfactantFree ultra clean polymer latex particles and related services.

Albert Browne Limited (Aug.16, 2002)

Lufthansa Consulting GmbH (Mar.29, 2002)
Lufthansa Consulting offers a comprehensive range of airport, airline and aviation authorities consulting services.

Avitech-Aviation Management Technologies GmbH (Feb.22, 2002)
For more than 30 years, Avitech is one of the worldwide leading companies dealing with aeronautical information systems.Out of all recently developed traffic management systems, the River Management Systems are based on a telematic system for the inland navigation.

AD Network Video (Feb.07, 2002)
AD Network Video manufectures and supplies airport security products:cctv, video and surveillance.

ATLAS MACHINERY (U.K.) LTD (Nov.26, 2001)

Hangzhou Xizi Otis Elevator Co.,Ltd. (Sep.26, 2001)
Hangzhou Xizi OTIS is a joint venture co-founded by US OTIS Elevator Co. Ltd and Xizi Elevator Group on 12th March 1997. Xizi OTIS' assets total over 700 million yuan. It employs more than 900 workers. Its annual capacity is 5,000 sets of elevators. The product lines include elevators, escalators, moving walkways, and components. Xizi OTIS, one of the biggest elevator producers in China, provides services such as installation and maintenance.

CITIC Ningbo International Hotel (Sep.25, 2001)
Locating in the heart of Ningbo's financial,government districts,Citic Ningbo International Hotel is a 4 star hotel offers 288 rooms,seven restaurants and bars,health club,indoor pool,indoor golf,disco-nightclub and a convenient shopping centre. It is an ideal place for business meeting, lodging,entertainment and etc..

Hangzhou Daylight Industrial Co.,Ltd. (Aug.30, 2001)
Hangzhou Daylight Industrial Co.,Ltd.has been founded over 25 years ago.Since that time it has been our family business with facilities in the Jiang Su and Zhe Jiang Provinces.In Jiang Su we have our own factory which is equipped with 90 Italian Rapier Looms and 220 Jet Looms for making many kinds of i.e. silk fabrics and blends.In addition we can dye and print,too.

Hangzhou Expro Technique Engineering Co., Ltd. (Aug.30, 2001)
It quicklbecomes the largest and mostrespectable processed meat equipment manufacturer in China.

Pinghu Economic Development Zone(PEDZ) (Aug.24, 2001)
Approved by Zhejiang provincial government in September 1996, Pinghu Economic Development Zone (PEDZ) is home to high-tech industry garden, Japanese investment zone, Taiwan investment zone, and private business zone. At present,PEDZ caters to develop the following industrial directions:Electromechanic products,Pharmaceutics and Chemicals,New Materials,Electronics,Textile.

Zhonghao Grand Hotel (Aug.24, 2001)
A magnificent four-star hotel of international standard, conceniently located in the commercial center of Jinan and within a short stroll of Jinan's famous scenic spots and managed by Hongkong Twin-star Hotel Management Group.

Hangzhou Xinchao Bamboo & Wood Decoration Co., Ltd. (Aug.24, 2001)
Have been producing LAOLU Bamboo Flooring for over 10 years,we are always providing perfect quality bamboo flooring and bamboo furniture panels to our customers and has developed into the largest scaled manufacturer in bamboo flooring field in China.

Ningbo Yongnan Knitting Co.,Ltd. (Aug.24, 2001)
The company produces knitting garments. Its underwear T-shirts, T-shirts and leisurewear products are exported to more than 20 countries such as USA, Japan, Russia, and other European countries and Oceania countries.Winsong brand underwear and leisurewear are popular products all through China.

Guizhou China No.7 Grinding Wheel Co. Ltd (Aug.24, 2001)
is a newly listed corporation reformed on the basis of the former 7th Grinding Wheel Factory founded in 1967. the Corporation specializes in manufacturing and marketing series of abrasives and advanced refractories. With an annual production capacity of 100,000t, and annual export sales volume of more than 15,000,000 USD,it proves to be the largest specialized enterprise manufacturing abrasive materials and industrial ceramic matrials in China even in Asia.The main product includes brown fused alumina, white fused alumina,black silicon carbide, zirconia alumina, brown fused alumina micropoder,silicon carbide micropowder, refractory and anti-acid & anti-alkali products. In 1995, the Corporation became the first enterprise awarded the ISO 9002 quality system certificate in China's abrasive industry.

As a multiple-managing joint-stock company, it engages in researching, producing and trading, covering lines of mining industry, construction material, chemical, electrical appliance.Its' main products:Organo Clay Rheoiogical Additive,Activated Earths,Bentonite,Energy Saving Lamp, Polyester,Latex,Resin and Curing Agent,Unsatured Polyester Putty.

YILITE GROUP CO., LTD. (Jul. 30,2001)
It has 2011 employees, its complex measures 96 hectares, its total assets amounts to one billion yuan with owner's interests of 670 million yuan, and its annual operating profits before taxes top 100 million yuan. The shareholding equity amounts to 2.205 billion yuan.The nine major product lines cover series of liquors, dry red wines and soft drinks, which altogether count more than 100 products.

Golden Horse Hotel (Jul. 25,2001)
One of the grandest, most deluxe four-star international hotels in Zhejiang,integrating accommodation,food, entertainment and business services;awarded Certificates of ISO9001/14001 in 2000,is the elegant venue for leisure,vacations,business and conference.

Shanxi Jiaocheng Hongxing Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Jun. 20,2001)
We are the biggest private manufacturer of nitrates in China, Our company mainly produces Potassium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Potassium sulphate, Ammonium chloride, MAP, MKP, Sodium nitrate, which all enjoy high prestige both at domestic and world markets.

Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. (Jun. 20,2001)
As a state grade-2 enterprise and one of the top 500 machinery giants of China,Shantui is China's leading manufacturer of construction machinery such as superpower bulldozers and fittings.It has four major product lines: bulldozers, track shoe assemblies, hydraulic torque converters, and "four wheel" assemblies for engineering machinery. It also manufactures construction machines such as pipe cranes, road rollers, trimming dozers, loaders, and hydraulic traction scrapers, etc. These products diversify in more than 60 specifications in total.

Harvest Trading Co., Ltd. (May 24,2001)
Exporting Chinese minerals and raw materials for the industrial applications of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, refractory materials, powder metallurgy etc.,the main products include powders of various metals,ferro alloys,Boron Carbide,Brown Fused Alumina,Graphite Electrode,Electro-Fused Magnesia grains and etc.

Weihai Shanhua Carpet Group CO., LTD. (May 18,2001)
We are a large enterprise carpet manufacturer in China and the main products include wool carpet, nylon carpet,axminster knitting jacquard carpet,tufting jacquard carpet,wilton knitting jacquard carpet,tufting carpet,polypropylene carpet,saxon carpet,loop carpet,tufting plain carpet,sheared carpet,compound knotted loop carpet,piled Jacquard Carpet,loop-cut jacquard carpet,single ply fixed sheared jacquard carpet,wool yarn,PPBCF yarn and etc.

Cixi Sunrise Sealing Co., Ltd. (Apr 30,2001)
The Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Asbestos-Free High Temperature Insulation Textile Mechanical Packing & Gaskets,ISO9002 Approved. Made From Glass Fiber Ceramic Fiber. Gaskets Flexible Graphite,Carbon,Teflon,Kevlar,Ramie,etc.

Luoyang Bearing Corp. (Group) (Apr 30,2001)
We manufacture and sell annular ball bearings,tapered roller bearings,single-direct thrust ball bearings,grinding apparatus,powder metallurgy and plastic products.

Luoyang Copper (Group) Co., Ltd. (Apr 30,2001)
Specializing in manufacturing copper and copper alloy plate,copper alloy band,copper alloy foil, copper alloy tube,copper alloy stick,copper alloy wire,electrolyzed copper,aluminum magnesium band and further processed products and the hot products include Brass Strips H65,Transformer Strip,Copper Strips for Water Tanks,Sn-Ph Bronze Strips,1-2m Large-Size Plates,Hot-rolled Plates,Copper Strips for Leading Wire Frames,Oxygen-free Copper Materials,Condenser pipes,Coiled Copper Pipes,Profiled Strips,Copper water conduit,copper craftworks etc.

Dalian New Textile Mill (Apr 30,2001)
It is a joint venture converted from a state-owned business with the Right of Handle Exp/Imp business.We are specialized in manufacturing and trading of kinds of yarns and grey fabrics.

Jincheng Group (Apr 20,2001)
We engage in the development, manufacture and distribution of aviation products, motorcycles and gasoline engines, engineering hydraulic pressure product lines as well as international trade and urban real estate developments.

Jincheng Group (Apr 20,2001)
We engage in the development, manufacture and distribution of aviation products, motorcycles and gasoline engines, engineering hydraulic pressure product lines as well as international trade and urban real estate developments.

Dongfang Printing Material Industrial Co., Ltd (Apr 13,2001)
We are an original manufacturer specializing in producing pressure sensitive type. Advertisement decorative sheet and adhesive tape are two principal products of our company.

Teloon Chemicals (Apr 13,2001)
We are new,we meet in can sell or buy newchems,highchems,finechems and special chems here,we make new business in all over the world.

Sun Group Co., Ltd (Apr 13,2001)
Specialized in the manufacturing of liquid pumps,chlrorine pressers,evapourizers,gas-fill machines,check-valves,plastic injection machineries and so on.

Zhejiang Nengdali Group Co., Ltd .(Apr 13,2001)
Specialized in developing, producing and marketing clothes.has been awarded ISO 9002 International Quality Standard License.

DaLian KE FU S&T Development Co. Ltd.(Mar 26,2001)
We are focusing on developing and manufacturing of heat shrinkable materials. Our products mainly include three series: bus-bar insulation materials; vacuum interrupter insulation materials; and corrosion protection products for oil,gas, water or other metal pipelines.

Shanxi Jiaocheng Hongxing (Red Star) Chemicals Co., Ltd.(Mar 5,2001)
We are the biggest private manufacturer of nitrates in China, Our company mainly produces Potassium nitrate, Calcium nitrate, Potassium sulphate, Ammonium chloride, MAP, MKP, Sodium nitrate, which all enjoy high prestige both at domestic and world markets.

Hangzhou Hotel(Mar 5,2001)
Hangzhou Hotel is a three-star international hotel integrating accommodation, food and beverage, entertainment and business services. It locates beside Hangzhou West Lake and makes it an ideal place for sightseeing, business meeting, holidaying and shopping.

Jiaxing Fengpai Auto Steel Ring Plant(Feb 22,2001)
specialized in making auto steel rings.Our products are light-duty cold-roll steel rings, steel rings for light-duty trucks, and steel rings for midsize and heavy-duty trucks.

Dragon International Hotel(Feb 8,2001)
It's the only one hotel, which holds a four-star rating in the city at present.The hotel is located in the heart of downtown Zhangjiajie, just 15 minutes drive to the airport and an hour drive to all major attractions. The hotel owes 256 guest rooms,offering exclusive facilities and a fine standard of service.

Sunshine Times Law Firm(Jan 18,2001)
A law firm involving with a complete range of legal services for infrastructure projects.

Hangzhou Dasen Dress Co., Ltd.(Jan 17,2001)
Our company, a compound venture of manufacture and trade, has ability to export. It is specialized in producing and exporting knitwear and textile products mainly to Japan, Korea, U.S.A., European countries, H.K., and Macao etc.

Cixi Yada Garments Co., Ltd.(Jan 10,2001)
We subordinate to China Ningbo Cixi Imp & Exp. Corp. and mainly produces all kinds of leisure knitted garments.

Ningbo Fuda Electrical Appliances Co. Ltd(Jan 10,2001)
A company mainly manufactures vacuum cleaners and high-speed series machines. And its businesses cover the industries such as vacuum cleaners, vapor exhaust fans, home appliances, electric machinery, cement, real estate development, and internal and foreign trade.

Zhejiang Ocean Shipping Company(Jan 8,2001)
The business scopes of the company are ocean transportation,shipping agency, marine supply, international freight forwarder (logistics),real estate, foreign economic & technology cooperation, highway express transportation, etc.